About Us
Adot lighting Co.,Ltd was established in 2013 and located in Chinese ancient capital Xi?an city Shaanxi province,Website:, which is world renowned for the City Wall and Terracotta Warriors. The initial registered capital was 1.6 million US dollar. Adot is specializing in the development and promotion of LED lighting technology, and aspiring to the extreme beauty of lighting with the concept of ?Creating the Classic and Leading the Fashion?. Adot has an extraordinary elite team with 40+ staff leading by the doctor and master from top Chinese and abroad universities, and is collecting the advantages of different fields and making great efforts on research and development. Adot is integrating the essence of Chinese culture and Western aesthetics to design creative decorative lighting, and bringing human life superior experience more than just lighting. Adot --- ?Brighten the world with the wisdom?
Products and services
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